Wednesday, April 25, 2012

when it rains, it pours!

We go for so long without any pictures and then a bunch!  This is the feasting moment!  More pictures!  But I do wonder if all they do in this mission is eat!!


Our zone last transfer

Hello family!
Welp, I'm transferred to... DC 2nd ward! It's a YSA and I'm in the city now. I am SO excited! But please pray for me because I have to drive there. My companion is Asian and she is great! Since she's not from the states she's not allowed to drive, so we'll be praying a lot for safety, because I'm driving, in the city, where the streets are weird, but it'll all work out. My companion is Sister Wong and she is Awesome. It's just going to be good.

As far as our baptism dates with Rose and Cadie and Yvonne... lets just say it'll take some time. The Mfogmi family did not come to church, but I'm still holding out for them. They'll become strong members eventually. 

 I want you to know that I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that it brings us happiness and joy. If we rely on our savior and follow his teachings we will be able to get through our trials and our burdens will be made light. I love missionary work, I find that it's not me doing anything, it's the Lord. He prepares every person we teach.  Pray for missionary experiences. I remember when I was younger people would tell me to do that and I wouldn't want to because I knew I would get one and I didn't think I would be brave enough to take advantage of the situation. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He will give you an opportunity that you can take advantage. He loves his children so much and wants them to have this joy of the gospel in their lives. 
Love you all!  Love, Sister Wankier

insert from the author!

Some wonderful people in our stake, Brother Bruce Lyon, his wife, Sister Kathy Lyon, and their daughter, Jenny went to Washington DC during general conference weekend and were able to see Hailey!!  They brought us back hugs and pictures!  They are awesome people and I thank them so much!  Here's what they got to see when they were there.

Sister Lyon and Jenny with Hailey

Hailey with her 2 companions (I think)

Hailey's favorite view from the visitor center

amish market!!!

April 19, 2012

So today we went to the Amish market. Everything there is homemade and looks/smells/tastes delicious! I had to try a chocolate covered bacon, it was okay but it's nothing I would bend over backwards to buy again. I also bought a carmel/chocolate covered apple, oh boy I can't wait to try it! I was so excited to buy it. There was a guy behind me in line who saw that I was a missionary and bought those sweets from heaven for me. He was so nice. Also he was probably a member, but I don't really know, either way he was so nice!
Well... Awesome news. The Mfogmi family told us that they were going to start coming to church every week. That floored us, we were shocked and excited. The fifteen year old brother, Prince, told us that his mom had a dream that God told her that the Mormon church was the right church. People really do have dreams. So get this, that morning my companions and I had been joking around about people having dreams, not being serious at all. Well, now we won't be joking around about that anymore. They didn't come to church on Sunday though, but Prince told us that something came up and that they'd be there this week.

We went to a dinner apointment yesterday and there was a random person sitting on their couch. Come to find out her name is Ashley, she was locked out of her apt. The Graff's (members we ate with) had never met her before and are, by the way, some of the best people ever. They invited her in to wait, then to eat with us all. She listened to our spiritual thought and told us how she felt about Christ. Oh, Heavenly Father wants her in His church so bad! We couldn't make a returning apointment with her, it wasn't good timing and it just didn't work out. But, we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to church. Sister Graff will definately be working with this one. She's great - both sister Graff and Ashley.
So, moral of the story, pray for a missionary opportunity and one might unexpectantly come over for dinner with the missionaries. It's SO cool!

 We helped get a guy to come talk about the pass over to the relief society. We knew it was bad when we called to remind him the day before and he told us to call him 2 hours before. He's a jew so we thought it might be good... yeah, he got caught in traffic and couldn't come... but aparently it all worked out okay. We did splits and sister Lewis stayed at the Relief Society acitvity with the ward and some senior sisters while sister Fehlman and I taught a less active and Rose, aparently it all worked out. Our other baptism dates have been extended because of scheduels being busy, so we'll see what happens with them.
Well I love you all and have a great week!
Love, Sister Wankier

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

things are good!

Hi family,

Things are good here.  I had zone conference yesterday, which was good.  Also today for pday we had a zone activity.  We played kickball, volleyball, and had a bbq so that was super fun!  For Easter we did have a baptism and that was so good!  Michelle's so solid and hilarious.  We've decided that we're going shopping once I get home from my mission. 

Nikole and Heather are going to Chicago Illinois?  That is awesome!  I love those two girls!  They are rock stars!

It is interesting about Mitt Romney because we hear a little, but not a ton.  We've been being preped for the upcoming election about how to answer questions and how to tell if they are sincere or not.  Apparently in the city there are a lot more questions being asked.  It's just interesting how much the church is being publicized.

On Friday we dyed Easter eggs and had dinner with our investigator Karen.  It was great because we went inside and she told us that her and her husband hid Easter eggs outside for us to find.  So we had an Easter egg hunt.  They even gave us Easter baskets!  They are great!  Karent and her husband, Dave, make beads out of paper and glaze them.  Karen was telling us that as they roll beads they've been listening to general conference.  I was super excited about that!  She's still got a long way to go, but she's coming along.  I love them!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Love, Sister Wankier

conference was fantastic!

Hello family,

Conference was Fantastic!  It's so good!  Pres. Uchtdorf's was great, Holland was amazing (obviously), I really liked the Saturday morning talk about being active in church and not the gospel.  It was all just so good.  It just makes me so happy!

I did see Brother and Sister Lyon and their daughter Jenny.  They are great, I love them!  We took pictures and dad I got your hug.  It was good to talk with them.

Cadie and her family are good.  They came to a session of conference, one speaker mentioned 8 year old's getting baptized and Yvonne turned to me and asked if that meant she could get baptized that day.  I laughed and told her not for a couple more weeks.  They should be getting baptized on the 22nd.  Michelle's baptism is on Sunday, she's way excited.  She's been ready for a while, but wanted to on Easter.  The Mfogmi family is awesome, they're not members, they're investigators.  The 12 year old daughter is ready to be baptized, but she needs her family's support.  We hardly ever get to talk to the mom and from what I understand she has an issue with a second baptism because the kids were baptized as infants in the Catholic church.

Thanks for all the letters, love, and support from everyone:  friends and family!  Love, Sister Wankier