Thursday, May 31, 2012

more missionary work ahead!!!!!!

This awesome kid just got that special envelope in the mail yesterday!!!  Hailey's brother, my son, Philip, was just called to the New York Utica mission!!!!!  He leaves on Sept. 19.  He is going to be the bomb!!!  Congratulations to him and I know he will be an amazing missionary!

story time!!!!

Hi family!

It's been a good week doing the good old missionary work!  Let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time I was at the visitors center.  I wasn't particularly in a good mood and it's not that I was in a bad mood, nothing bad had happened, I just wasn't in a good mood.  So I sat on the benches in the visitors center waiting for people to come in, talking to the sisters next to me just kinda going through the motions.  As the night progressed and as I talked with people, my mind was taken off my not so great mood.  I talked to some kids because kids aren't as scary as adults.  My mood was becoming progressively better as I thought of those around me.  Then, because Heavenly Father loves me so stinking much He sent in a group of youth from Utah that had just graduated high school and were on a church history tour.  We listened to the Christus and after extending the invitation to give a message of love for one of their friends (write a note to their non-member friend and we call them, give them the message, then invite them to learn more) hands started coming up.  They were so pumped to do missionary work, it was awesome!  Then, if that wasn't enough, I met a family who is from Roosevelt Ut, and they know Amanda Price!  The Lord loves each of us individually.  I know He does and that he looks over us and blesses us.  The End.  Anyway, that was just a little tender mercy for me.

The DC 2nd ward is awesome!  We went to FHE on Monday because we had a potential investigator coming (James is his name, he is awesome, we're meeting with him on Friday.  I'll tell you more about him later).  There were at least members that brought their non-member friends. (writers note:  I think she left out how many members brought friends!  oh well!)  This ward loves missionary work and I love it.  It gets me excited!!

Love, Sister Wankier

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

upcoming baptism!!!


Today, a couple of hours ago, we got a call from one of our investigators, Brenn.  She is awesome!  Her boyfriend is a member, they met in the Navy and he is now deported across seas and she is here.  She's a referral from the stake president.  Anyway, she called us and told us that she got her answer and she wants to be baptized!  We still have some things that we need to teach her, but she is really great!  She was definately prepared.  Things are really going good here.  It just feels so good to be doing the Lord's work!

Love, Sister Wankier

Saturday, May 19, 2012

quidditch is the best!!!!

Hi family!

Quidditch is the best.  Quidditch+missionaries+pizza=best zone activity!  We have a pretty legit zone (or 2 zones, we combined).  Okay, so the brooms were water noodles cut in half with cardboard on each end making the broom shape.  We had a flat volleyball, 4 dodgeballs.  The tree rings on each end of the court to make points were hanging across the basketball hoop.  There were two snitches, one on each team.  I can't explain it, so maybe I'll try to when I get home.  If you really want to know it's online. 

We made a survey.  So now when we have free time, we'll go to the metro and find people with 3 to 5 minutes and ask them questions about their beliefs, such as "do you believe in a higher power?"  and lastly invite them to learn more, go to the visitor center, go to, or call in for a free Book of Mormon.  Sister Wong had more success than I did.  I ended up talking to a drunk guy (don't worry, he was nice) and a Jehovah Witness.  That guy spoke in paragraphs, possibly pages!  It was hard for me to say anything.  Finally I got away!

I love you all!  Have a fantastic week!
Love, Sister Wankier

Friday, May 11, 2012

ysa ward is awesome!!!!

The (DC 2nd) YSA Ward is a lot different than a family ward, but I do like it a lot!  They are so good.  We had the interns come in this past week and they are great!  The ward is so good to help with missionary work, they love it!

We are teaching three people in the ward right now.  The one I'm most excited about is Arunjana.  Her boyfriend introduced her to us and she is fantastic.  She came up to one of our more recent investigators, Bren, and fellowshipped her.  When she found out that Bren was also an investigator she invited her to come to her lessons with us and everything.  New plan:  every new investigator introduce to Arunjana!  The members in the ward are super excited about missionary work.  They love to come out teaching with us.  We end up doing a bit of street contacting, which isn't super effective.  It's always the latinos who will listen, so we get referrals for the spanish missionaries.  Oh to be in the spanish program!  Now I just need to learn how to contact in spanish.  We have talked to a couple YSA's who want to know about activities the ward is having, so we've got some potential.  We also got permission to attend institute.  The senior couple, Elder Brown, teaches and he encourages the interns and all who go to bring non-members and to do missionary work.  Some statistic we saw says that 90% of non-members who attend institute get baptized, so we're really excited!

Love you all!
Love, Sister Wankier

ps. I met an elder yesterday whose name is Elder Winkler (haha it's a combination of how everyone pronounces our name wrong!)