Wednesday, June 20, 2012

more pictures!!!!!

The women of DC!!!!

Sister Wong (Hailey's comp)

Hailey, Brenn, Sister Wong

Sister Wong, Hailey, Sister Jones

Sister Wong, Hailey, Sister Fehlman, Sister Jones

Sister Cardall, Sister Wong, Hailey, Sister Matsumori

Saturday, June 16, 2012

washington nationals baseball game!!!

She really was there!!!

Look hard - I know you can find her!!!

i love efy!!!!!!

Hello family!

Things are going good!  I saw Erin Lewis (from EFY) at the visitor center!  It was so fun to see her, she's great!  I love EFY!  Sometimes I see the poster of it in the church and I get really anxious to be a counselor again.  It was the best.  But I wouldn't trade being on a mission, so it's good!  The baptism was wonderful!  The spirit was so strong and it was just awesome.  I'll send pictures.....eventually :)  The sister from Logan is way great, we get along really well. 

Love you all.  Hope all is well at home, all is well here!
Love, Sister Wankier

yeah philip's call!!!

(wed. june 6)

Tomorrow we get to go to the Washington Nationals baseball game!  We are supposed to have a full pday tomorrow, but Sister Wong and I have an appointment that can only meet Thursday night, then we wanted to go to institute with her.  So we got permission to email and shop today.  YEAH for Philip's call!!!!! I just got the letter today and was super excited, that'll be so good!  We'll almost be next to each other....kinda!  I had to tell everyone at the visitor center and they were all happy too.  So, transfers were today, but I'm staying in DC2 with Sister Wong.  We are both very excited about that.  We have a baptism on Sunday for Brenn.  She is usper great and super ready.  Our recently activated less active, Justin, is baptizing her!  Justin had seen the elders on the street, took them to dinner, and told them he wanted to come back to church.  They told him about the DC2 ward and he's been coming very actively for the past 7 weeks.  We brought him along to one of the lessons with Brenn and he's been a great fellowshipper, always inviting her to things.  Him baptizing her will be really good for him.

There is a new sister here from Logan, we're going to be best friends......probably!  Except she's in the spanish program so we won't be companions.

Love, Sister Wankier