Wednesday, August 15, 2012

all these things make me happy!!!!

Good day family,
So, Arunjana's visa ran out and she doesn't know if she'll be able to get it renewed.  Pretty much she may get kicked out and have to go back to India.  We don't know when, it's whenever she gets notice in the mail.  We're super sad and are praying she can stay because the church is super small and far away in India.

We've got some other good investigators but we've only met with them one or two times and will hopefully get them on date for baptism soon.

(update a week later...)

Arunjana may not know if she is kicked out until December.  We'll get her baptized before then.  Well the Spirit will tell her and she will recognize the answer and want to get baptized before then.  She came to the visitor center yesterday, watched the Joseph Smith movie then stayed for Night of Music and Inspiration, which was all based on the Restoration.  It was so good and the spirit was so strong.  She says she's getting closer, she is, she'll make it.  She's putting in more effort, she's getting more results.  She'll be baptized soon.

I don't think I told you, but do you remember Cadie and Yvonne I taught in Laural?  Well they are getting baptized this Sunday!  Also, Sister Holt taught them last transfer too, so we got permission to go!  We are so excited!  There was going to be a slight problem, because we're short on miles this month, but... we have awesome visitor center directors, Elder and Sister Olsen (they're the best) who told us that they would go and take us.  Because of the shortage of miles, we have bikes now too.  So, when we're in the city we're biking it.  Which is so much easier than trying to find parking.

Well family, the church is true.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Joseph Smith is a prophet and he did see God the Father and Jesus Christ.  We are all children of God and He loves us so much.  All these things make me happy!  Also, I love you all.
Love, Sister Wankier

Friday, August 3, 2012

everything is great!!!

Hailey really hasn't been saying a lot lately.  A lot of answering our questions, etc. but not a lot of mission info so this will be just bits and pieces of recent letters.  Also I got the chance to meet Sister Gordon!!!! That was Hailey's trainer when she first got to the mission.  I can see why they got along so well!  She is so cute and fun!  It was fun to visit with her and hear stories about Hailey and the mission right from her! I wish I had've gotten a picture but I didn't!  Thanks for the fun visit Sister Gordon and I hope to see you again soon!!!

...So, Sister Jones is perfect for this area.  She's got great ideas and is good at putting them into action.  We're having a Mormonism 101 night at the institute this Sunday for all the interns to bring friends to and for anyone who wants to understand better.  We're also offering 2 hours of free cleaning for students.  What student wouldn't want someone to come clean for them?  And since there are 3 of us we can go into any home.  We're expecting good things to happen this transfer.

Things are good here.  We've got some new investigators we're excited about and we're still working with Arunjana, helping her recognize that she knows the Book of Mormon is true.  (She knows it, she just doesn't know that she knows!)  We've got two investigators moving in a week for school.  But things are going great.

Well, everything is going great here.  I love you all!  Thanks for everything.
Love, Sister Wankier

ps I made a scripture case from an oatmeal box and decorated the outside with a picture of the family and these awesome pictures from a super old family home evening pamphlet.  There's this black and white picture of a family holding hands and running.  It's SO great!