Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hurricane sandy!!!

It's been a week of preparation for both Hailey and Philip with this hurricane hitting their areas.  We got an email from Hailey's mission on Friday letting us know that they were preparing all the missionaries with emergency kits, making sure they had plenty of food in their apartments, telling them all the safety procedures, etc.  Then we got pretty much the same email from Philip's mission yesterday.  Then, of course, we watch the weather channel and see the big circle of storm right over Hailey!  It's hard to know something like that is happening and not be able to be there for your kids!  But we have really been blessed with peace knowing Heavenly Father will take care of His missionaries!  Last night we got another email from Philip's mission saying at that point it wasn't looking like it would be quite as bad as they had anticipated, but they were still taking every precaution to be safe.  Then this afternoon we got word from Hailey's mission that all is well.  DC was hit pretty good, 400,000 people were without power in the area, but none of the missionaries lost their power!  It's great to be on the Lord's team, isn't it?!  Philip was able to write his email on Monday.  Hailey usually writes on Wednesday or Thursday, so I'm hoping we hear from her in a day or two.  I'm excited to hear their stories!!!

A newspaper picture of the water in DC

Hi family,

We heard about the storm.  We were told to get a bunch of food and water in case something bad happens. They gave us a list to get at the store, and we got it all, so we should be fine...unless our building collapses!  We were told that the storm will be pretty bad here, but I don't know what to believe.  People say that it will be a way bad storm, and others say it won't be that bad, so we'll just see.

Halloween is on Wednesday.  I don't think we're supposed to go out and do anything, so we are just going to the Benson's (the senior couple in our area).  We are going to watch movies and stuff.  It should be fun.

Well, I guess that's all I have to write this week, so I will talk to you later,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

catching up!!!

Ok it has been quite awhile!  My computer has had a virus that we have been struggling to take care of.  I think we're good now, so time to update!  I will condense all the letters I've missed into 1 letter.  I'm not incredibly creative, but hopefully this will distinguish between Hailey and Philip's letters.

Reminder of addresses:

Sister Hailey Wankier
Washington DC North Mission
11700 Falls Rd
Potomac, MD  20854-2823

Elder Philip Wankier
New York Utica Mission
PO Box 149
Whitesboro, NY  13492-0149

Hello Family!
Conference was AWESOME!  You should've been at the visitor center when President Monson announce the age change.  Every single sister gasped and got super excited and we are all just so happy about the news.  It'll be so good!  It's been a real testimony to me that the Lord needs more missionaries and that even though it's not required for sisters to serve, He needs them too!  It's so exciting, all the youth programs will be centered around missionary work.  The Lord is expecting so much out of the youth now and not only the youth, but everyone.  Elder Oaks' talk was amazing also.  A lot of times the parents just aren't stepping up and Elder Oaks called them out.  It was awesome!  That talk will shake a lot of people.  Elder Holland was awesome too!  Oh, that hit me so hard.  I LOVE IT!!

Well, I was transferred.  My new companion is Sister Welch.  She is a visitor center trainer, so we'll be at the visitor center more often.  our area is Kentlens.  It's where the President lives and the Assistants serve.  It'll be great.  The ward seems great and I'm excited to get to know everyone here.

We've got a couple teenage investigators.  I love it.  But it's hard because not all of them can see the need in their life, but they're willing to learn.  I love the youth though, so I don't mind at all.  I love it.  They are so fun to teach.  I can just be myself and be excited and they don't think I'm stupid...well they might, but that's okay!  Well, love you all, the church is true.  The visitor center is under construction and it's going to be awesome when it's finished.
Love, Sister Wankier

*pictures coming!

-still in the mtc-
Sundays are pretty good here but I have to say my favorite days here are Wednesdays.  That's my pday so I get to hang out with just regular clothes on.    I hope everything is good there.  Things are really good here.  I just got done playing basketball.  It was way fun.  I think I'm ready to be done; I'm just getting to the point where I want to be done at the MTC and get out to New York.  I got my travel plans today.  I leave at about 1:00 am.  So I'm going to need to stay up late that night.  Dang!  Well, I guess the next time I will write will probably be in New York or on the way there.  Talk to you later.  Love Philip

-in new york-
Hi everyone!  The flight was good and yes I am really tired still.  The MTC was a lot of fun and I still kinda wish I was there.  I am in a place called Ogdensburg.  It's not a big city but I guess it's an ok size.  My new companion's name is Elder Wilkins.  He is a pretty nice guy.  Towards the end of the MTC I just wanted to leave, but now I miss it.  I didn't realize how great it was until I left.  Same with my branch from the MTC.  We all slept over in the mission home where President and Sister Worthlin live and watched Mormon Messages, studied, and hung out the rest of the day.  We got there at about 2:30 in the afternoon and stayed the night there.  It was awesome.  The next day we went to a little bit of training and right as we got to the church they gave us our new companions.  I got really close to my district from the MTC, so it was sad to say goodbye.  One person that was in my district there is still in it now though.  His name is Elder Koga.  He was one of my favorites so that's good.  Everything is good now.  It's just getting used to everything.  Conference was really good.  I still have trouble staying awake, but from what I saw was good.

President Wirthlin said that we do get to go visit the church sites the last week of our mission.  We also get to go to the Palmyra temple.  So that's something to be excited for.  I found out too, that we have a meeting next month that is a training meeting, but my companion said that it's pretty much a MTC branch reunion.  We all get to have lunch and talk, and of course have a meeting.  I will be here for about 18 weeks.  It's my first area, and I'm being trained, so I have to be here longer.  I feel like I've been getting separation anxiety.  I have never been away from my ipod and music for so long in my life.  I believe that's what made me truly happy in life -- maybe not!  That's what I think though.  In the past when I have been able to pop those headphones in my ear, those were some of the happiest times of my life (next to my family :) )  To me my ipod is the equivalent to a girlfriend.  It's a hard relationship though!  Life is good!  I'll talk to you guys next week.  Philip

*pictures coming!