Friday, November 30, 2012

philip pictures!!!

at the MTC 
at the MTC

the "tree" amigos

at the MTC

catch up time!!!!!!

Nov. 29

Hi family!

Okay so this week was great!  Last night was Ambassador night at the visitor center.  That means a bunch of important people come, such as Ambassadors, and have a program and they turn on the lights.  Elder Nelson was also there.  As missionaries we were not allowed to approach anyone, but if they asked us questions we were to answer them as information, no inviting.  I really liked Elder Nelson's talk.  It was good to feel the spirit with him and cool to see how he tied the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation into all of it.  

Well, I love you all and have a great week!
Love, Sister Wankier

Nov. 22

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yesterday us missionaries got to do a service project with a bunch of organizations in the DC area to feed the homeless.  It was super fun.  The people were all so nice and grateful.  For Thanksgiving we get to go to a member's property and have a big Thanksgiving dinner with games and a talent show.  Then later there will be dessert at the member's home.  It's going to be fantastic!  We're all getting ready for Christmas time.  We had a meeting this morning about Festival and how we'll be super busy and it will be super fun.

We just got five new sisters yesterday.  They're great and I'm excited to get to know them.  From now on we're going to be getting more and more sisters.  It's an exciting time!  We had transfers, but I'm still in Kentlands with Sister Welch, so it'll be fun!

Thanks for writing!  I love you all, have a happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of food and have lots of fun.  Love you so much!  Love, Sister Wankier

Nov. 15

Dear Family,
This has been a great week.  Kentlands is very ritzy and I love it all!!  The people here are so great.  I really love Kentlands!  Our investigators are doing good.  We're getting all ready for Christmas.  December is almost here and it's the most exciting time of the year!  The temple exhibit and 'I'm a Mormon' exhibit are both finished at the Visitor Center and it looks fantastic!  We've got some Christmas trees up and more to be decorated and put up.  There is an exhibit for Christmas that is being put up that is Nativities from all over the world.  It's so good!
Well, family, I love you.  The church is true!

Hi everyone!  Everything is going good.  We have been teaching a lady and her son and daughter.  We taught them the restoration.  Then the next time we taught them the plan of salvation and we asked if they would be baptized and they said yes!  Another lady we were teaching came to church for the first time a couple weeks ago and no one fellow shipped her so she said she didn't see any point of meeting with us anymore.  Later we got a call from the senior couple in our area.  They said that she went to the Sacred Grove and prayed.  Apparently she had a good experience because after that she went and talked to a missionary that was there.  They talked for a long time and then she called the senior couple and told them that she wants to come back to church.  So that's awesome!

We actually had our first real snow today.  I don't think it will stay for very long, but on the other hand it's only about 27 degrees.
Love, Philip 

Friday, November 9, 2012


Just found some Hailey pictures!!!!!  Thanks to Sister Jones!


Who knew a mission could be so much FUN!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

kentlands is so good!!!!!

I have to start this post out with a confession.  I have once again earned the coveted "Mother of the Year" award!!!  I have actually earned this award countless times in my tenure as a mother.  I got home from work yesterday and checked my email to find a little note from Hailey saying,  "Hello.... is anyone home?"  That was it.  Yes, I forgot what day it was and had totally FAILED to write my sweet daughter an email!!!!  She waited half and hour then sent her regular email.  Of course I didn't see either of them until much later.  What makes this worse is that I had checked her past letters to make sure this wasn't transfer week because on transfer week she writes on Tuesdays and I didn't want her to write and not have something from home considering it was Tuesday --- and it was actually Wednesday!!!!  Anyway...... on to her email  :)

This week was super good.  On Sunday before church we had about 2 and a half hours to go tracting and find people.  We were in this area where it's really multicultural.  Nobody was answering and the few that did weren't interested.  We walked up to the next door in line and before we knocked a dog was barking and a lady came up and told us to wait a minute while she put the dog away.  She came back and let us right in.  She then asked us if Alex sent us.  We were super confused because we didn't know who Alex was.  She continued to let us in and had us sit down and told us that Alex was her son.  He is 18, joined the church 2 years ago and is now wanting to go on a mission.  She is not a member and was super nervous about him going in the spring.  They had even talked about missionaries coming over to see her, but he hadn't talked to any missionaries about coming over yet.  She had a bunch of questions to ask us and at the end she called Alex to come over and he was happily surprised we were there.  He then told us to teach his mom and set up a return appointment.  She couldn't set up a time right then, but we have her number and will be calling her.  It was such a miracle!  Also, come to find out that one of the missionaries who taught Alex is our district leader when he first came out on his mission.  It's super cool!

So we had been hoping that the visitor center would be open by Friday, it didn't open until Monday.  They still have quite a bit to do, the only things that work currently are the theaters.  So if one comes in they can look at the Christus (no narration) or watch a movie.  Kinda limited, but that's okay, as long as it's done for Christmas.

Hey did Philip tell you that they lost power there because a squirrel got electrocuted?  That was so funny!  Did I tell you about the time we were checking on people and we saw a squirrel climbing a building with a slice of pizza in it's mouth?  There are so many squirrels here and they are so funny!

Well, I love the gospel, I love you.  Have a great week!  Love, Sister Wankier

I'm still searching and waiting for pictures to post!!

report on Sandy!!!

Hi everyone.  The storm didn't really affect me.  It rained and it was windy, but that's it.  So nothing really happened except we lost power for about two hours.  That had nothing to do with the storm though.  A squirrel climbed up a pole and cut out the electricity.  Believe it or not.  The squirrel died!

There are about 10 people we are teaching and we are usually pretty busy, so I've gotten used to things pretty quickly.  It's getting kind of cold.  The lows are about 28 degrees but it will get lower than that.  We have a car so that helps.  We have gone door to door a couple times - it's not really something we do a whole lot, but we have a little.

Halloween was fun.  We just watched the Book of Mormon movie and had dinner.  I did hear that the celtics lost to the heat.  I actually saw rondo in the paper that someone left open and it talked about it.  I don't really know when or if basketball season has even started yet.  I know preseason started, but what about the regular season?  I think the Jazz will have a pretty good season this year.

Well, I'll see you later.  Love Philip

Thursday, November 1, 2012

all is well!!!

Okay, so the storm...... was super lame!  Everybody was making this big deal about it and buying up all the water.  On Monday we could only go out for Zone Training and if we had appointments.  It rained and the wind blew and no trees came down, no roofs blew off, nothing!  At least in Kentlands it didn't.  But I hear New York got it pretty bad, so I'm waiting for a report from Philip, that'll be good and fun.

Today was our Halloween party..  Sister Welch and I were witches.  It was pretty good.  The Visitor Center has been closed since Monday.  They've been really good at working around us and just being in the back, but the exhibits have now been delivered and they've needed a few days to put them all in.  So, hopefully it will be back up and running on Friday.  We'll be excited when it's all finished.

It's so true about sharing your testimony.  I've gotten so frustrated at times because I have to be reminded over and over again of my testimony, different parts each time.  I think to myself, can't I just get a testimony and be good?  Nope, it constantly has to be shared and strengthened and built and reminded.  No wonder the word "remember" is in the scriptures so much.  So I've decided to make a section in my study journal of the Book of Mormon stories and how they apply to different principles of the gospel.  I feel like I'm always brainstorming with my companion what stories would be good for our investigators, so this will make it easier.  It's so cool to study this way too, I learn so much and it's all right there in 1 Nephi.  No wonder it's at the beginning of the Book of Mormon.  It's the best!  Well, love you all!!  Happy Halloween!
Love, Sister Wankier