Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Dear Family,

There are sister missionaries serving in Brigham now?  And they came over for dinner?  On that note, there was a girl I met in the visitor center, I forgot her name, but she's from around here and she got called to the Ogden Utah mission, so I told her to look for you guys if Brigham ever became a sister area.

Okay, I'm still in DC2, but I'm in a trio again with Sister Holt and Sister Jones.  They are great!  They don't know how to work with YSA, they're used to family wards, so they felt super awkward at our first member meal yesterday.  No worries, it'll get better for them.  Also, Sister Jones programmed our phone to our car, so when someone calls us it is hooked up to our speakers so everyone can hear and talk.  It's awesome!

The lemonade stand was good.  We only did it for an hour and it wasn't during lunch or dinner time like it will be next time, but it was good!  We have a new potential investigator.  We asked him if he could ask God one question what would it be?  His answer was which church is true?  AWESOME!  Also, we met some girls who wanted to come to church, so hopefully we'll see them this sunday.  Well, 6 more weeks in DC2 - it's exciting!  It's hard to get/find investigators because it is the city and not tons of people want to learn, but the ones we have are solid and the members are fantastic!  This transfer we are focusing on members and hopefully the work will explode!  It'll be good, especially with a trio.  Well, Love you all!
Love, Sister Wankier

everything is going great!!

(july 12)

Hello family!
Sounds like things are going well there, I'm glad.  Everything is still good here.  Transfers are this week.  We'll see what happens.  One of our members gave us some ideas for visual aids, which include prophet playing cards.  So that's what Sister Wong and I have been making today.  We'll play go fish and memory and when someone gets a match we tell facts about the prophets.  It might be a good way to teach prophets, especially for one of our less actives we think it'll work really well.  Xyza hasn't met with us since the 4th of July, so no, she's not even close to ready for baptism.  It's 100 degrees plus humidity here...gross!  But no worries, I've been in the visitor center for a lot of the really bad days.  But there have been a few days when I've been out for an hour ot two and feel like I need to come home and take a shower.

Philip, on the 4th of July after the fireworks - which were fantastic!- we met two different people from New York.  Here is what they tell me:  people in New York are nice, but if you don't talk to them first they will ignore you.  New York is a great place, you'll love it.  So there you go, it'll be awesome!

Everything is going great!  Missionary work is happening, remember to be a member missionary!  Love you all!!  Love, Sister Wankier

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hailey has still been really good to send letters and emails, but she really hasn't said a lot in them.  This last week they had quite a quick, but big storm come through.  From what I understand they had hurricane force winds that blew down trees and power lines, so, of course, they were without power, which means no air conditioning.  They have also been having extreme heat.  The mission emailed us and let us know that all the missionaries are ok, but we haven't heard from Hailey yet.  I'm hoping to hear fun stories from her!

a couple things she has mentioned in letters:
Everything is good here.  I don't have too much to report.  Tonight we meet with our investigator, Arunjana, and then go to institute.  It's my favorite because Arunjana is so sincere and awesome, and then institute is good too, but mainly I love Arunjana.  She's from India.

Things are going great.  Arunjana is doing good.  Our appointment with her last week was cancelled because she got sick, but we'll see her today.  She comes to church every week too, so that's super good.  She is way great, love her!  We've been doing tons of finding and getting lots of potential new investigators, one new investigator, so this week we'll hopefully have some good first appointments.  We're excited!  I'll let you know how it goes.  Love all of you!  Love, Sister Wankier

time flies!!!!


Mission time is so weird!  It goes by way faster than normal time.  It's already almost July!  In July they are starting to remodel the visitor center, then in August it will be closed for a month to finish it.  When I first came on my mission I was excited to hear it might close for awhile.  Now I'm super sad.  I'm glad they're remodeling, but sad it'll be closed!  1- because it'll be super hot in August and street contacting in the himid heat is not fun.  2- the visitor center is such a good resource and I love giving tours to missionary's investigators they bring in.  3- the events at the visitor center are so good!

Hope you're having a fun summer!  Love, Sister Wankier