Friday, March 30, 2012

march 29, 2012

Things are going great here.  I'm excited for General Conference!  It should be really good!  We're watching the first saturday session at our investigator Michelle's house then we will be at the visitor center for the rest of the sessions.  It'll be really good!  This week we've been teaching Cadie and Yvonne still, they are still super awesome!  We're teaching the Mfogmi family.  They know everything, or have learned everything, but say they haven't received and answer and they've already been baptized.  We taught authority to them again this last time.  I love this family though, because they are all youth age kids and I love that age group.  The mom isn't there a lot because she works, but when she is there she loves us.  I don't think she understands authority at all.  But the 12 year old daughter goes to church and mutual, she calls for her own rides and everything.  They're great!

Well, I love you all!
Love, Sister Wankier

march 22, 2012

You all sound so well and it's so good to hear from you all!  Here in DC it is beautiful spring weather.  It feels so good!  Today we went to the city fot the cherry blossoms and it was so much fun!  It is beautiful and everything smells so good and we got great pictures.  It was an overcast day so it wasn't too hot and not cold at all.  This summer is going to be super warm and humid, but it's okay,  I'll just have to get summer clothes from the thrift stores.  Thrift stores are the place to shop out here - all the sisters are in love with them.

I love my two companions.  We all get along great.  I've had to fill them in on everything.  I was the only one who knew the area and the investigators so I had to fill them all in, but luckily Sister Gordon taught me well.

On Tuesday there was a "night of music and inspiration" at the visitor center.  I played the flute with other sisters playing the cello, viola, and piano.  We played 'Where can I turn for peace".  It went really well.  We have an awesome member, who brought one of our investiagtors and a few of our recent converts.

We had an investigator and her kids come to church on Sunday.  Cadie brought her 8 year old, Yvonne, and her two younger sons.  They are such a cute family and the two year old boy hugged the bishop, super cute!  It was probably because he wanted candy from the bishop, but it was cute anyway.   Yvonne made friends and asked to come again next week.  They are awesome!  Well, I hope all is well and everyone is happy and love life.  I love you all!  Love, Sister Wankier

(I will post pictures and hopefully a video of her playing as soon as I get them)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi family,
Everything is going well here.  I was told I'd be staying with my trainer, but I guess the Lord had other things in mind.  I'm still in Laurel, but I'm now in a trio with two new companions.  Sister Lewis and Sister Felman.  They are great and it should be a really good transfer.  They combined my area with my roommate's area so there is only one trio of missionaries in the Laurel ward instead of two.  I had to get a run down on the other sister's investigators and less actives and incorporate them into our area.  Sister Felman is from Arizona, Sister Lewis is from California.  They don't know the area so I have to fill them in on everyone.

Well everyone, I love you all.  Things are good, nothing too eventful has been going on.  Except sometimes I wish I were in the Spanish program because a few days ago Sister Gordon and I went over to talk to some Latinos because our appointment fell through.  They were having a bbq.  They were from El Salvador I think.  They gave us food and we visited with them, talked to them about church then told them we'd send the Spanish missionaries over to see them.  Latinos are great, they are nice and like to feed us!  But I guess the English program is good too.  I just have my selfish moments where I want people to be charitable and give us yummy food!  Anyway, I love you all!  Have a great week!
Love, Sister Wankier

Friday, March 9, 2012

gospel = joy!

I just have to say - Is the gospel great or what?!  What joy and excitement it can bring into such a crazy world!  I have been so impressed with you friends of Hailey.  First of all, I have never known so many girls of one age group to go on missions!  And even the ones who aren't going on missions have such strong testimonies and share them so freely.  I love hearing them (okay, reading them) on facebook and even seeing them in the way you live your lives.  I think this is the generation that is standing up and making a difference!  Thank you for not shying away from living your religion.  Thank you for being an example when you have no idea you are.  Thank you for being you and showing the world what a true follower of Christ really is!

This week's letter!

Hello family!
Lexi Bracken to France?!  That is awesome!  I love that girl!

I'm not at the visitor center every day.  Lately I've only been there once or twice a week, but starting next transfers it should start to get busy again so I'll be there probably three times a week.  Transfers are next week I'm pretty sure and they are every six weeks.  Because of the new training program they implemented not too long ago, the 12 week program, I'll stay in this same area with the same companion.  The 12 week program is where for the first 12 weeks we get an extra hour of companionship study with a special training book we use and we stay with the same companion for the whole 12 weeks.

We ate dinner with the Davis's.  They lived in the Brigham 8th ward I think.  They're super nice and way great!

Member work is the best.  Really it's not as weird or hard as we think.  It's just being non-member's friends.  In the ward here, it would be so helpful if they did visiting teaching.  When members don't do their visiting and home teaching is when members go less active and then the missionaries are trying to get them back.  But that is pointless if the members don't fellowship them back in.  Everyone needs a friend and missionary work can be as simple as being someone's friend.

I love hearing from all of you!  This week has been good.  We taught a lady named Cadie.  She's a single mom with a lot on her plate, always going and doing something.  We taught her the restoration.  As we taught it her 8 year old daughter came in and we invited her to listen.  This girl was super cute and asked tons of questions.  We taught her how to pray and she LOVES it.  She prayed three times - one I helped her with, the second one, she forgot to ask for help reading, and the third one she wanted her mom to stop crying.  It was awesome!  I love you all!  Love, Sister Wankier

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Surprise!! Pictures!!!!

Sister Matsumori (Hailey's mission pres. wife) is right on with her timing!  Thanks so much to her for providing many of the pictures on my blog!!

       (That really is her back!)    They are practicing teaching

   They are renovating the chapel - hence the benches in the cultural hall!

Catching Up!!

I appologize!  I was stalling a little bit before I posted her latest letters - hoping to have some pictures to post with them.  But to no avail!  So here are her 2 latest letters ~ without pictures!~

(Wed. Feb. 29)
Yeah, p-day was fun.... except for the fact we got in a car accident.  But it's okay, we were all okay.  The door was dented and the other sisters had to get a new car, but all is well.  It wasn't our fault and I was not the driver.  We also got towed a couple days ago, but we got the car back so all is well there too.  Last week was kinda crazy, everyone in our apartment except for me was sick at different times.  Luckily that's all over and we are all well!  We haven't seen Alice since the first day we met her.  She is around on Saturdays and that appears to be the best time to catch her, but we've had full schedules on Saturdays, that or she's been gone.

This week we've been working with the members more.  We put together mini Preach My Gospels for leaders in the ward.  It has all the lessons and the ward leaders responsibilities in it.  We're going around and giving it to them, and teaching their families FHE.  So for we've only done it once and we've set it up to do another on Sunday.  Everything is good here.  I love you all!  Have a great week!
Love, Sister Wankier

(Wed. Feb. 22)
Hey Family,
Today we went to the city for p-day.  We went to a couple monuments like the new Martin Luther King Jr. monument.  Also for the zone activity we went to the zoo, that was pretty cool.  On Sunday we had four investigators come.  Let me explain.  One of our investigators has been ready for baptism for months, but she is waiting till April till her friend can be here to see it.  Her name is Michelle.  Most people think she's a member.  She goes to the gospel doctrine class, and she wants to make her own baptism outfit because the jumpsuits are ugly.  Oh, and she calls me Wine Garden because she can't remember Wankier.  We have another investigator who is VERY slowly progressing.  He's been coming to church for a while and just says that he hasn't got an answer yet.  Then we have a 12 year old that found a ride to church on her own this week!!  She's awesome.  Lastly there was an investigator that I haven't taught yet and Sister Gordon has only seen at church one time, so hopefully we'll see him more.  We have another investigator that usually comes, but she couldn't this week.  She should be baptized and wants to be, but her husband doesn't want her to and Preach My Gospel says not to baptize if their spouse is against it, so we'll work with hiim.  But she has visiting teachers and so does Michelle, it's great!

The lady, Alice, who said she'd come to church, hasn't yet.  But we stopped by her house and she wasn't home but her mother-in-law and daughter were, so they invited us in.  The mother-in-law is catholic and told us we wouldn't convert her, so we just talked with her about her life and religion and she fed us.  She was super nice.  Alice was gone for a few days, but is back now.  We'll try to contact her Saturday.
Well, I love you all!  Have a great week!  Love, Sister Wankier