Sunday, September 30, 2012

the work is going great!!!!!

OK, so I'm thinking I need to do something obvious to make a difference in Hailey's letters and Philip's.  Just watch the last line until I think of something clever!

Hello family,
Guess what..... Michael came to church!!!  So he told us to call him to wake him up in the morning and come to his house to make sure he was ready and by the bus stop.  Well, we called and called and called, and knocked and knocked and knocked, and nothing.  We're at church 10 minutes before it starts and we get a call from him, he'd been sleeping.  He got ready, and rode the bus to church on his own, missing only the first 20 minutes!  It was so good!!

The work is going great!  I love teaching the gospel because it's true!  It just makes sense and the spirit is amazing and it's so good!  I love it!
I love you all and have a great week! 
Love, Sister Wankier

Saturday, September 29, 2012

philip's surviving!!!

The MTC is going pretty well.  I am way busy.  Not as busy as I thought I would be though.  My schedule is get up at 6:30, go to breakfast at around 7:30, then usually I go to class for another three hours, then do something else, then go to lunch.  After that we usually have another class for a few hours, then another something else, then dinner, then some study time, then getting ready for bed.  A lot of what we are doing is just studying.  The classes are about things like getting revelation for investigators, and how to teach people effectively.  My companion's name is Elder Dutson.  He is from Idaho.  He is going to Utica also.  We get along pretty good.  My district is 5 companionships, so 10 elders.  6 of us are going to Utica and the other 4 are going to Tennessee.  I'm running out of time, so see ya!


Monday, September 24, 2012

the church is true 100%!!!!

Ready for meetings!

They are serious about learning!  (except Hailey!)

These are the birthday people getting sung to!  (do you think they forgot Hailey's birthday isn't until November?)

Hello Family!
Okay so this week has been really good.  We've been going through former investigators and seeing who still lives there and if they're still interested.  We've got quite a few return appointments, hopefully they keep.  We're particularly excited about a couple of them.  Our investigator Michael introduced us to his friend and she asked for a Book of Mormon and our phone number.  That night she called us and told us and told us she wanted to be a part of this.  Yep, it was awesome!
next letter....

Okay, so my life in White Oak....lately it's just been sick...literally.  I was sick one morning, Sister Ertelt was sick 2 days, not fun!  Other than that things have been going well.  Our investigators are great!  Michael hasn't been to church, at all.  But, he is progressing!  He used to smoke, so the other day he got really stressed, went to the store, bought the smokes, brought them home, BUT WAIT - he stopped, walked back to the store and took them back!  Yeah, that's right, he didn't smoke!  We were very happy.  We've also got this new awesome investigator, Lary.  We've taught him once and the spirit was super strong.  He's great and will be such a good member!

Well, the church is true 100%!  I love learning more and being able to understand things better.  It just makes sense.  I have a mormon message for you to watch, it is the bomb!  It's "patterns of light' Elder Bednar talks and it's 3 parts.  Amazing!  I love the gospel!  I love you!  Love, Sister Wankier

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

like it or not.....the day is here!!!

Today way the bitter-sweet day!  We took Philip to the MTC.  He has officially begun his mission, which means this will not only be a blog about Hailey's adventures, but also Philip's!  Welcome to our missionary world!

We begin with last night, as we were supposedly packing.  Philip, his cousin Cameron, and his brother Derek weren't too serious about helping me pack!!!

We finally finished packing and got out the door this morning.  When we got to Provo we went to eat before the MTC experience.  We went to Golden Corral.  We began with the blessing of a free meal for our new missionary!  Very kind people at Golden Corral!  I think they give a lot of free meals there.  We ran into several other missionaries.  One came and met Philip which I thought was very nice.  As we began eating a sweet lady came up to Philip and said "I heard you say you were going to the Utica Mission?"  She proceeded to tell us she was from there and gave Philip a card with a couple referrals on it!  He's getting started off right!  Then a few minutes later a nice gentleman came up to him and congratulated him on his mission and said they had just taken their son to the MTC a few weeks ago.  He asked where Philip was going and got very excited to hear Utica because his brother just got released as the Mission President for the Utica Mission! 

Very good but hard day!  I know he'll do a great job.  Very excited to hear from him!  What a great time of life it is!  Having missionaries is the greatest! (It'll be even better when they finish their missions and come home to me!!!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

fall sports day!!!!

Okay, White Oak.....It's good.  I really like it so far.  We're building our teaching pool, but we've got a good investigator and some potentials that we are hoping to meet with this week.  We've also got a ten year old boy who is our investigator, we've met him once, but will meet with him on Friday, so that'll be good.
Anthony is the boy that Sister Jones found, or he found her rather.  he's super great, comes to church and is feeling really good about being baptized at Christmas time so the guy that introduced him to the church can come, his girlfriend and his family.  So that'll be good.
Okay, so today we had a mission activity.  Fall Sports Day.  It was epic.  We played soccer, Capture the flag, and Quidditch all at the same time.  It's called Hero Ball or something like that.  Super fun, I'll explain it all when I get home one day.  The church is true and I love it!
Love, Sister Wankier
editors note:
So they have soccer going length wise on the field, Quidditch going the width of the field, Capture the flag going diagonal on the field, and dodge ball wherever!  Whoever gets hit with a dodge ball is out no matter what game they are playing!  Sounds awesome!  I dare anyone to try it!!! :)

(Sister Fehlman got hit in the face with a soccer ball!  Ouch!)


Monday, September 3, 2012



Well, it's transfer day.  I'm going to White Oak with Sister Ertelt to white wash.  So we're both going to a new area.  They split the White Oak area and neither of us have been here before, so we're both learning.  It'll be fun.  our roommates are Sister Wong and Sister Holt, so that's going to be great!  Sister Wong knows the area, so she can tell us a bit.  Apparently we have two investigators.  The members are awesome and we will love it.  Sister Ertelt is half French and half German, she is from Germany and we are friends.  She's great.  Love her!  It's great that we have the visitor center because we know all the sisters.  So all my companions, I know them before we're companions, it's cool!
Well....I'm sad to leave DC2 but it's okay.  Sister Jones is training a new sister there.  They'll do great.  Arunjana is still moving along and progressing.  Sister Holt, Wong and I are praying that she gets baptized this transfer, she's headed that way.   Now I'm back to a family ward, I am kinda excited to teach and be around children and teenagers again.  It'll be good.  Although I do see them at the vc, so that's good.  I love giving youth tours and primary kids tours, it's super fun and good.  The spirit is always super good too.

The missionary work is going good.  I love being a missionary!  I love the temple!  I love you.
Love, Sister Wankier

golden investigator!!!!

(august 22)

Things are going good here.  Yesterday we had a lesson with a girl who has been taught everything and we're trying to see what's holding her back.  It was so good because the spirit was there and she knows it's true, but she's got some things holding her back right now.  It may take some time, but as she relies on the Lord, it'll all work out.  She's great!  Also, last night was a welcome night at American University (Sister Jones went to that with a member while Sister Holt and I taught Lauren - the investigator I was just talking about).  So there was this guy who's been investigating, just moved here and has been looking everywhere for missionaries and the church.  he apparently walked over to Sister Jones and said, "Finally!  I've been looking everywhere for you!"  It's great, Sister Holt and I will meet him today for our first lesson.  He's been taught everything and almost knows it's true!  So as of now with our investigators, they don't have far to go.  Just the realizing that they know it's true and having the courage to act.  YSA is great because if they commit to something they will commit to it!  They're solid for the most part.

Well, I love you all.  Keep being awesome!  Have fun!
Love, Sister Wankier