Tuesday, February 21, 2012


a valentines picture!
(such a goofy girl!)


Valentines Day sounded fun!  It was a normal day for us, so it was good.  That night there was a program at the visitor center, Night of Music and Inspiration.  It was all about the Book of Mormon and it was super good.  That lady, Alice didn't come to church, and now we don't remember where she lives, but I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find her again, no worries.  Also, we got a new investigator, Rose.  I gave her the Book of Mormon, pictures, and testimony the primary gave me to give to someone.  She was very appreciative.  I'll keep you updated on her.
Honestly, the visitor center is kinda boring right now just because it's not busy.  We do call people, so that takes up some time.  When we're on the floor waiting for people to come in, I've been doing new sister training.  So it's been good.  But just for the future, sisters at the visitor centers hate it when you tell them you're members so you don't want a tour.  They still want to talk to you about the gospel when you're a member....so don't follow my example by avoiding the sisters.
later in the week.....
We have a new baptism date!  Rose.  She is from Camaron Africa.  Africans love God, thus I love Africans.
Mission is still going good!  We're still teaching and finding and it's Great!  Love you all!
Love, Sister Wankier

Combined District Meeting
(I think Sis. Gordon is just as goofy and cute as Sis. Wankier!)

Sitting quietly waiting for meeting to start.

Teaching/Learning/Role Playing

Friday, February 10, 2012

She's Livin' the Life!

Evidence!  She really did get off the plane in DC! (I assume!)

Isn't that a great picture?  All the new arrivals!  If you use your imagination you can see the temple in the background!  There is an Elder from Centerville, one from St. George, and one from Sandy.  I'd like to hear if anyone knows any of them!

The one Sister that flew out with her.  She is from France!

They line them up then assign each one their trainer.

Hailey is, of course, assigned Sister Gordon.  Do you recognize her Chelsea?

Experiences from her first week there!

Everything is great here.  We have visitor center shifts, so no matter what area I'm serving in I have a visitor center shift.  I've been there four times already and it's doing good.  I have tracted a little bit.  There was a lady we went to check on the other night and when we found out the address was non existant, we decided to knock on the first door with a light on.  The lady that opened the door was nice, but she was on the phone with her son long distance, so she was kind of hurrying us along.  As we walked down her driveway she called us back and asked us if we were Christian and when and where our church was.  She wanted to come to church on Sunday, so hopefully she comes.  It's been really good doing the work.  The visitor center is good, but super slow right now.  Last night we had two tours, and no one that I know of just wandered in.  When summer comes more people will come.  We do have a car and we drive everywhere.  The sisters we room with are in a bike area, so they get the close stuff and we get outside of that.  But they even have a car to get to the visitor center.

The longer I'm here the more I realize how much I need to learn and grow, but it's good, I like learning and growing!  Well, family you're great!  I love you!  Love, Sister Wankier

Friday, February 3, 2012

She Made It!!!!!

Hailey arrived in DC safe and sound!  After a couple failed attempts (on our end!) of calling us from the mission home she emailed us and told us how wonderful it was to be there!  Some of the highlights of her letter:

"When I got off the plane, President and Sister Matsumori, along with the assistants were waiting to greet the ten of us.  The Matsumoris are amazing!  I can't even describe them to you, just amazing!  The are super spiritual, super nice, super personable, super down to earth, super Christlike, super great.  They first took us to the temple where we had time - the last time until we're off our missions, to be alone and make commitments with the Lord about our missions.  We then ate at ihop, which was fantastic, but not quite as fantastic as our nap we had at the mission home afterwards.  We had the day to talk about the mission, eat dinner, meet with Pres. Matsumori, and play ping pong around the world.  Sister Matsumori even played a couple rounds with us.

Today I met my companion, it's Sister Gordon.  She is leaving soon and all I hear about her is how amazing she is.  On Sunday she had 9 investigators at church.  I'd have to agree with everyone, she's awesome!  Okay, but first of all I find out where she's from and guess where it is?  Mendon, Utah!  Pretty sure all the people I've met from Mendon I am automatically friends with and they are Awesome.  Yeah, also she went to USU.

Okay the weather here is super good.  Honestly it's not supposed to be this good.  I think they said it should've rained today and usually it's super cold.  Today and yesterday was seriously in the sixties.  We ate lunch outside. Also it's just great I'm here!  It's so beautiful here and all the houses are beautiful and it's not like Utah at all (I love Utah too, no worries, but picture Utah and know it's nothing like where I am then maybe you can understand a little better what it's like).

My area is Laural.  I haven't been there yet, but I hear it's great and I'm sure it is.  This mission covers everything in DC.  The only monument that's not in my area is Arlington, but we do get to go there once before we leave.  I'll be in the Visitors Center three maybe four times a week for a six hour shift.  Pres. Masumori asked me to get my flute out here so I can play.
Love you all so much!!
Sister Wankier"

Do you think she's excited?!

She mentioned in another letter that the MTC was more difficult than she had imagined, but she expects that the mission field will be too.  I think she's up to the challenge!

Pictures have arrived.  Unfortunately, no names or stories with them.

This is a lot of the pictures, but I put all of them that she sent in her facebook pictures if you want to look.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


First of all - Hailey called Monday night from the airport.  She was so excited! She was so anxious to get to DC.  She assured me that pictures are on their way.  So I am hoping to be posting some in the next couple days.  We got a couple calls from the mission home on Tuesday but we missed them and no one answered when we tried to call back.  I'm hoping/assuming they were letting us know she made it safely!

Next.  I need help!  As you know, I'm a very new blogger.  If you notice on the top right of my blog is a grey patch.  How do I get rid of it?  Also you've probably noticed a few changes to the blog over time.  I went in to fix something and in the template design part where the blog is on the lower half of the screen?  It's like there is a white covering over the blog.  I can see the bottom and the right side of the page, but none of the blog so I can't see what I'm doing to fix things.  What did I do to mess myself up?  If I do it on someone else's computer it shows up but not on mine.  I would love any advice anyone can give me.