Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Updates!!!!!

Hey family,
So I got two pdays this week because my schedule switched to visitors center training, so I get to write to you twice this week.  Also that means I'm not sure when my pday will be in the field, so I'm not sure when I'll be writing next.

Well, this week was like the first week of the MTC all over again.  Wednesday we went to Temple Square and got a tour and the sisters showed us kinda what they do.  We were told they are not tour guides they are missionaries, which is true, but they teach as they take people on tours.  It was fun to leave the MTC for a while, but it honestly made me super happy that I'm not going to Temple Square on my mission.  They told me that at Washington DC I will be in the Visitors Center for six hours a day and in the field six hours a day.  It should be fun.  We're going to be working with chat too.  So we talk to people online from and answer their questions.  We can teach them the lessons up till baptism.  What we're supposed to do is after chatting with them the first time ask them if they would like missionaries, then get their info and send missionaries to them.  After referring the missionaries we call or continue chatting every couple days or so and teach them that way until the missionaries can make it.  I'm pretty excited about that, it should be good!

So I leave Monday night and I'll be able to call home, but I'm not sure when. How is everyone at home!  I hope you're all doing well.  Oh yeah, so I just got a package from Chelsea.  It was a shirt .....probably the best thing I've ever received in my life.  It was hot pink.  I worked out in it yesterday, it was super awesome.  Well, have a great week!  Love you all!  Love, Sister Wankier

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Updates on our Sister Missionary!!!

bits and pieces of recent letters:

"My district has a goal to not use casual words like 'guys', 'hate', 'shut-up', etc.... and if we use them we get a mark by our name.  Whoever has the most marks by the end of the week has to give the lesson on Sunday.  Guess what?  I won!  Well, actually, I kinda lost.  I have the most marks.  I have a hard time with the 'g' word and the 'h' word.  I guess I'll be giving the lesson.  Oh well!"

"The longer I'm at the MTC the better it is.  I think it's because I'm getting used to the schedule and long hours.  I'm also getting used to teaching and understanding how to do it better.  I've learned that it is 100% relying on the Spirit.  I need to study, know the lessons & scriptures, but when I go to a lesson it's teaching to the person's needs, not a lesson. 

"Honestly, though, the MTC is kinda like prison, except you feel the Spirit and it's more fun.  But each building to get into you have to swipe your card and there's a fence surrounding us and the sidewalks are covered overhead so we don't see the sky.  After getting through the first bit and getting used to everything, it's not bad at all though.  It's good."

"It has snowed a little bit here and every time it does I remember Logan and miss it.  But yes, I do run out in it and make snowballs and if there were enough snow I'd make a snowman!  We have gym time almost every day.  I've been running some days, playing volleyball, playing four square, and I played basketball one day.  It's super fun.  It always feels good to be in normal clothes.  So I leave on the 31st at 12:30 am.  Which means I leave the MTC on the 30th and fly through the middle of the night.  That'll be super fun!  We had our last class yesterday and the elders in my district leave tomorrow.  On Wednesday we're taking a field trip to temple square so I'm excited for that.  The rest of the week is just visitor center training.  Last week I was a new missionary host.  I got to take around a sister that was in my institute class in Logan.  That was really good.  Also, my friend Kevin Butler just got here last week, and randomly a sister saw me and I guess I know her and she looks familiar, but I have no idea who she is!  She definately knew who I was, so I pretended to know who she was.  Every Tuesday we have devotionals, which are all fantastic, but apparently someone from the first presidency is coming next Tuesday and I will miss it.  Lame!  Thanks for your letters and support! Love, Sister Wankier"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Joy of Missionary Work!

This is my beautiful niece Anika!  She just returned from the Mesa Arizona Mission.  Incidentally, she returned the same day Hailey left for her mission!  Anika began her talk in church by saying "I LOVE being a missionary!"  I know that just about everyone who has served a mission feels that way, but as she said it, the power of those words really hit me.  The gospel is so amazing, shouldn't we all feel that way?  We should all be so excited to share the message of the gospel whether we are set apart as full time missionaries or not.

Hailey didn't have a lot to say this week.  She must be staying pretty busy!  Here is her update:

Hey family!!!
On Tuesday Elder Nelson came and spoke to us about the scattering and gathering of Israel.  It was really good!  He didn't want to focus on teaching the gospel, just the doctrine.  It was good!  Well, I'm half way through the MTC.  I'm excited to get out there.  I for sure leave on the 31st.  That is my date of departure.  This past week we've just been roll playing and in class a ton.  Tuesdays are my pday till I leave the MTC.  We get to go to the temple every Tuesday and there is a devotional at night, so that's always super good!  All my roommates are going to Temple Square except my companion who is going to Nebraska.  There are other sisters going to my mission though.  I know of two I think.
Dad, thanks for the aggie update.  It's good to hear from the outside world.  I told my companion about aggie basketball games.  I told her she should definately go to one in her lifetime if she gets a chance.  Since she lives in Japan I don't know if she will though.
Everything is going good.  Tell everyone hi when you see them.
Love you family!
Love, Sister Wankier

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Amazing Family!

I have to write a bit today about the great family that I have.  The quote I posted to the right (I don't remember who said it) is a great example of my family.  I have a happy family and they truly teach me to be happy.  So important to live in the moment and not get caught up in the past or the future.  What an amazing example of this was Pres. Hinckley.  I love and miss him and his dear wife.  They are such examples to me still. 

I got to go to lunch with my son, Alex, today.  What a treat that was.  It is so fun to talk with him and he always helps me to see life in a little different light.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hailey's been gone 1 week!!

I'm trying my hand at blogging.  We will see how fast I can either get it or give up!  I'm beginning this blog as an update place for Hailey while she is on her mission.  She is in the MTC waiting to go to the Washington DC North Mission.  She will be leaving the MTC at the end of the month.  We'll see how this evolves as we go!  We have gotten 1 letter and 1 email from Hailey.  I'm hoping for pictures soon.  Here are some bits and pieces of her letters:

Dear Family,

Well, day two started out very well.  I fell down the stairs.  It was a great fall too.  I'm pretty sure I'm getting a buise on my ankle.  One of the sisters I room with told me it was very graceful.  Oh but it was funny!  I wish I could've seen myself!  My companion is from Japan.  Her name is Sister Sakurazawa.  She speaks great English.  She is super sweet and has an amazing testimony.  I'm still getting used to everything here.  It's a ton of studying, but honestly it's really good here.  Well I don't have tons of time.  We're super busy.  But the church is true!  Book of Mormon is true!  Heavenly Father answers prayers.  I love the Lord and I know Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and knows us individually.  Be good and stay happy!  Love, Sister Wankier

The MTC is really hard the first few days.  Saturday was overshelming and somewhat frustrating.  Everyone told me that once you make it to Sunday it's good.  They were right so far.  Sunday was FANTASTIC!  I felt super relaxed even though we were still busy.  I didn't have to worry about roll play teaching.  I was finally able to get used to things and receive revelation.
I am slowly learning to teach.  I think the most difficult part is teaching simply and not talking all the time, getting the investigator talking more.  But the more I practice the easier it gets.  My district is really great.  We get along pretty well.  The Elders showed me how to take star wars pictures, so my companion and I have a picture of us fighting with light sabers.  It's pretty cool, I'm not going to lie.  4 of the sisters I room with are going to the Temple Square mission, 2 of them were excited to get called there, 2 weren't, but they're all glad now.  They are way great!
Okay, I see a new person I know everyday it feels like.  There is Kait and Rachel from EFY, randomly I saw a guy I went to high school with yesterday, Treker Burt.  I also saw a girl I went to high school with a couple days ago.  When I first got to the MTC, Kait and Rachel saw me and ran up to me and gave me a huge hug.  It was fantastic!
I love you all!  I even love anyone who is getting this email forwarded to them, you're all a great support in my life and I love you tons!
Love, Hailey